Triple LIFETIME Warranty
no clogs, pulling away, or sagging!


The lifespan of the K-Guard system is practically unlimited. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, the base material will not corrode. The coatings on the gutter and hood will last over 20 years, and the patented hangers give our gutters the strength to withstand virtually any weather conditions.


In contrast to the sharp corners and vertical faces of most gutter systems, the smooth, curved appearance of K-Guard gutters compliments and adds beauty to your home. Ask your dealer about the variety of colors available.


The K-Guard system is built around our patented, high-strength hangers. Made from strong, all-weather polymers and set every 24 inches inside the gutter, these hangers fully support the hood and keep the gutter from sagging, or in any way losing its form.


Our gutters are a full 5-inches wide to drain more water than other, smaller systems. Our gutters accommodate the larger, 3x4-inch downspouts, easily flushing out small pieces of debris that may enter the system.

DurabilityAt Mid-Atlantic Gutters, Inc. we offer the K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System. No other system can offer the strength, durability, capacity and attractiveness of K-Guard's completely engineered and fully integrated leaf-free gutter system. We also do trim wrapping, fascia and vinyl and aluminium soffits. We pride ourselves in our quality workmanship which in turn brings a smile to a homeowners face. And we know that it is you the homeowner that makes the difference. We will always go that extra mile, everyday!

Make the last time you clean your gutters, the last time you clean your gutters!

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Unlike most leaf gutter guards, K-Guard is a completely engineered, fully integrated, leaf free system. No other leaf gutter guards can offer the protection, strength, durability, capacity and attractiveness of our K-Guard gutter covers. The K-Guard gutter cover system is built around our patented, high-strength hangers which are made of all-weather, high-impact polymers.

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